The Equipment

The highly sought after Sony Z1 cameras were used to film the events to the highest quality tapes.

The DVD was then constructed and the film edited using state of the art Mac G5s loaded with high end software. Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro were just some of the tools used to make this DVD set not just a lecture but a whole new interactive experience for seekers of knowledge.

The Team

Involved in the production was the Al Shura Team, which mainly consisted of Al Fitrah volunteers, from the cameramen and video editors to the brothers and sisters at the registration desk to the brothers and sisters in charge of catering. Everybody was just as equally important, since the success of this event and this project depended on all of them holding their positions.

The Event

The Come to Guidance event, held in 2007 at the West London UKIM Centre was a giant success Alhamdullillah. The audience was full and poured down on to the floor just in front of the stage yet the silence dominated the wide hall as Sheikh Salem delivered his powerful words entailed with wisdom.

The success of this event means that there will be more of Sheikh Salem's lectures in the days to come on DVD insha'Allah. Don't miss out on them!