Located in UAE, he has got two degrees, one in electronic engineering, and the other computer science.
He studied his Deen under various scholars in the traditional way for many years and here are some of his teachers:

1. Sheikh Ali Khash-shan (One of the senior students of Sheikh Albany) (Aqidah)

2. Sheikh Mahmood 'Atiyyah (Also one of the senior students of Sheikh Albany) (Aqidah)

3. Sheikh Abdul-Bary As-Salafi (Hadith)

4. Sheikh Hamad bin Aqil (Judge from KSA) (Fiqh Bulugh Al-Maram)

5. Sheikh Saad Ash-Shalaby (Judge from KSA) (Mawarith – Inheritance)

6. Sheikh Mustafa Al-Makki Al-Azhari –may Allah have mercy on him– (Fiqh)

7. Sheikh Al Maimoni Al-Maghribi (Judge Morocco - Arabic Language sciences)

8. Sheikh Ahmad Salah Al-Masri (Senior student of Sheikh Muqbil –may Allah have mercy on him–) (Aqidah)

9. Sheikh Muhammad Samy Moqbil (Student of Sheikh Hudhaifi - Medina - Tafsir and Tajwid)

10. Sheikh Sayed Hadi Bin Ahmad Al-Haddar (Mufti of Comoros) (Sahih Muslim)

Online Education

Sheikh Salem hosts his own website with downloadable audio lectures and details of his regular paltalk sessions.